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{{answer_38276317}}, proof of valid Driver's License will be requested during the application process. By law you have to be 21 to deliver alcohol.
What vehicle will you use to make your deliveries? *

A reliable vehicle is required. Bicycles are not supported.

{{answer_38276317}}, what's your cell phone number? *

i.e. (123) 456-7890
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As your main tool, it's important that your smartphone is in good working condition with availability to adequate data.

Do you have experience working for a delivery or on-demand service? *

i.e. Postmates, Instacart, Doordash, Uber, Lyft, etc.
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{{answer_38276317}}, do you have any customer service experience? *

Positions dealing with a variety of customers where you were responsible for their requests. This is required to be eligible as a Saucey Courier.
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